How getting it wrong made everything right

Last year I accidentally found a picture from 2010. I don’t remember being like that. I was shocked to see how much my body had changed in 10 years. On Facebook people said I looked younger at 51 than I did a decade ago. What had I done? A lot. Yet looking back, it wasn’t only my body that changed, my entire life had been transformed.

Here is a deconstruction of a life transformed… in 3 Acts

ACT I — The Demise

It all begins with impending collapse.

Resilient Leadership emerged as the synthesis of my transformation journey. It is built on three core principles that have a deep transformative impact on our mental, physical and emotional states. Under each of these pillars, there are essential practices that can radically shift how we think, what we do and how we show up in business and life.

Mindset Mastery — We Create Our Reality

  • During our entire education, we are taught to use our mind as an analytical and creative tool, but we never really learn how our mind works. In essence, the brain/mind is a black box that…

If all goes well, on March 5, 2019 I will be stepping onto the summit of Kilimanjaro…the tallest mountain in Africa and the tallest free standing mountain in the world. We will have climbed Kilimajaro mostly in shorts and summited in less than 48 hours with almost no time to aclimate.

I have gotten many questions about the apparent insanity of doing a half-naked speed ascent of Kilimanjaro. Why take the risk? What if something happens to you? These are fair questions.

Ironically the chances of a serious accident on Kilimajaro are extremely slim. Eating an American diet with limited…

Steven J. Posner

Entrepreneur. Advisor. Investor. Lifestyle Engineer. Passionate about life's possibilities beyond our limitations.

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